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“I love my new hearing aids. I used to dread socializing because I couldn’t hear what people were saying. It was very frustrating. Now with my new hearing aids I hear everything! Thanks, Scott.”


- Bob R., patient

“I didn’t buy my hearing aids from you, but I love your service. I don’t know exactly what you do to make my hearing aids work so well, but I love the way they sound. Thanks, Scott ”


- Betty K., patient

“I’ve been to seven hearing places in town and worn hearing aids for over 30 years! Scott at Integrity Hearing is by far the best.”


- John S., patient

“Thanks, Scott! After years of misery with my hearing aid provider and my hearing aids, I finally gave up and put the hearing aids in the drawer. After one visit to you, I can’t wait to put my hearing aids in my ears and not the drawer.”

- Robert E., patient

“A note to say thanks. My friend and I bought hearing aids in the spring from someone who seemed reliable, but became indifferent to our pleas for follow up help with our brand new hearing aids. Scott was highly recommended by a friend of ours who was in the same boat. Scott was kind and considerate and solved the problems we were having. I will recommend him to anyone who needs help with their hearing or hearing aids. ”


- Bobbi W., patient

“What did you do when you adjusted my hearing aids? They have never sounded this good! I am buying my next pair from you. What did you do?!!”


- Mary F., patient

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